• Tattoo: - Black and Gray, Cover Up
  • Style: - Realistic
  • Subject Matter: - Shield, Knights, Castle
  • Location: - Backpiece
  • Sessions: - 8
  • Total time: - 49-51

Darren came to me with a very well thought out idea. He wanted his whole back to be a shield with a scene inside it of nights in a castle. He had plenty of reference material to describe his idea all ready for his consultation. Towards the end of our consultation I went to get measurements of his back. That’s when I noticed he’s got scoliosis. A severe difference between his left side and right side of the back. There is a couple inches difference on one side and he slopes to the opposite side as far as his pastoring goes. This makes a serious difference in how I approach the tattoo because he wants everything inside a symmetrical shield on his back. The only way I can do this, is by freehand a grid on his back. Then using that grid to freehand the Symmetrix of the shield on his back so that it looks symmetrical to his body and to the viewer even though it is not perfectly symmetrical. If I did this tattoo on paper fully symmetrical it would’ve looked funny or off on his body or just made it look more off Center in the presentation of a perfectly symmetrical tattoo. That’s why it needed to be drawn to his body to fit his body correctly and the viewer to see it correctly in the overall presentation.


He had to stand the entire time I free handed the grid to get the rims of the shield and the center of the cross to frame the inside of his scene. I think this was more difficult for him then actually getting the tattoo. Everything in this backpiece was free handed except the two knights I did with a pattern after the frame was already done at this point in the tattoo process. We used a smoke affect for the cover up at the bottom that turns into the knights.

“ Knowledge is power and experience will always pay the dividends in the outcome of any project “

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