“ When it comes to cover ups. I am the guy to come to when everybody else tells you it cannot be done."

"Whenever I do a cover-up tattoo, I guarantee at least 85% coverage or better. I usually get 95% or better! But no matter what nobody will ever know what it was even if they can tell it was a cover-up.“

If it’s not a straightforward cover up, and you don’t want the big dark cover up, you want something nice over your existing tattoo. You only have 2 other options:

Laser treatments or getting into an extreme tattoo cover-up.

When it comes to extreme transformation coverups like these, the first session with this tattoo I am going to pump as much white ink into The old tattoo as the skin pockets will allow me to put in without scarring it anymore than it already is. I do this to knock that black down to a 70% gray tone and at this point I can start working the contrast up and down to visually take away from the existing tattoo that I am covering up to start bringing out the new tattoo as I start working the contrast of the new tattoo.

It is best that the new tattoo covering the existing tattoo has a lot of contrast or is really detailed in a way that I can shade it with enough contrast to visually take out the old tattoo. This kind of cover up will require a minimum of three sessions or more depending on the cover up:

  • First session being nothing but white.
  • The second session would be the actual new tattoo.
  • The third session would be the final layering of the tattoo to make sure the cover-up is completely hidden.

A minimum of 1 to 2 months in between each session. You need this much time in between your sessions, not just for the healing factor, but for your natural oils in your skin to replenish themselves to keep your skin from scarring during the process of covering up. This is the basis of the process but everyone will be taken on an individual basis and the process may vary slightly.