• Tattoo: - Color
  • Style: - Surrealism
  • Subject matter: - Mechanical Anchor
  • Location: - Full Back and Sides
  • Sessions: - 15
  • Total time: -82-84 hr.

I’ve known David for several years now. we started out like any friends with a common interest of riding motorcycles on and off the race track in a crazy type of way! God I miss those days! I believe we first became friends around 2004 and for as long as I’ve known Dave he has always wanted a tattoo and had many different ideas and reasonings for different ideas but was unable to commit to being tattooed at that time. A couple years later we ended up being roommates. Me, Dave, and his fiancée in a nice big house in San Diego. Over the next year we had many conversations about doing a tattoo but his fiancé was 110% against it. unfortunately his fiancé was extremely controlling and I personally just could not be around her and at the same time I didn’t want to damage the friendship between me and Dave. So I quietly and respectfully pulled away shortly before they got married and had their first baby. I did not hear from Dave again until 2014.


Now my old friend Dave is in the middle of a really bad divorce and emotionally distraught over his ex moving across country with all three of their kids. As we are reconnecting our old friendship and I’m doing my best to be supportive of his situation and after being through a bad divorce myself I was able to give him some pretty decent advice. Long story short the kids are his everything and the only reason they stay together so long. Now that a little bit of the backstory is out-of-the-way let’s get into Dave’s extraordinary idea for his first tattoo as a fall backpiece.

David is a managing director for a company that has military contracts for rebuilding our military ships in drydock. He wants to incorporate in number of mechanical parts having to do with the bilge area and other parts of a military ship. As he’s explaining the different mechanical parts He’s incorporating things he wants done with each one of these parts to represent his life story. The anchor is supposed to represent him staying grounded within himself at a time that would be hard for anyone to stay grounded and if you’ve ever had a bad divorce you know what I mean. Which goes into the chain links and apparently every thousand feet of the chain-link would be a different color so we represented that here with each one of those links having his kids birth years on those links of chain being held by the anchor that represents him being grounded. Then there’s the bilge pump area this is supposed to represent broken control and that is why you see the rope broke and and snapped and the valve warn and dinged up and the temperature gauge in the red. The gears at the top of the shoulder are supposed to represent the everyday grind that cannot stop when you have a family to take care of little own yourself. After this being our consultation I started to design his idea as I was putting it together I decided to frame it out with Diamond plated decking which I thought brought it together very well and intern he love the idea when I showed him the drawing. He was so excited I heard from him every day for the next three weeks until we started his tattoo. I purposely made him wait and allowed him to have a copy of the drawing to look at and go over to make sure he was making the right decision for himself and not just an emotional one.

“Sometimes it’s my job as a professional to read between the lines. Like in this case the emotional value behind it is extremely high and I personally felt he needed a little more time to sit with the concepts to make sure he’s making the right decision for himself. sometimes I may feel like I need to decline tattooing someone. For example this 18-year-old kid came in wanting to blast his whole throat as a first tattoo but he has no job and still not sure what he wants to be in life and lives on mom‘s couch. I am truly a passionate about my job that I love. I am very serious about being a professional and it’s not just about money for me!“

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