• Tattoo: - Color
  • Style: - Surrealism, Themed Scene
  • Subject Matter: - Shamu, Beach, Water, Seagulls, Hollywood Sign, San Francisco Bridge, Smokey the Bear, Forest on Fire, Gas Can, Sky
  • Location: - Right arm sleeve
  • Sessions: - 8
  • Total time: - 56-58 hr.

Edward came in for his consultation super excited and his first words to me were. “ I want to do a full sleeve of California in Destruction. “ Then he goes right into the description. I want a dead Shamu being eaten at the bottom. Going into a broken Hollywood sign full of graffiti up on the hill. Going in to the San Francisco bridge twisting apart. Then into the forest with Smokey the bear lighting it on fire while smoking a cigar with a gas can and my reaction was “ Fuck Ya!“


Conceptually we are starting with Southern California elements at the bottom and going up to Northern California at the top. So we started with Shamu (the whale from see world) being eaten by seagulls on the lower part of his arm for his first session. The next session we got into the beach scene going into the Hollywood sign on the hill that has the radio tower next to it. This session was entirely freehanded right on his arm. After we finish that section out we got into the San Francisco bridge in a twist with all the wires breaking away and this session was also completely freehanded on. Then I did a pattern of my modified Smokey the Bear, like I did with my shampoo. Then I proceeded to freehand the flames and trees and all of the background to finish out this California distractions sleeve.

“It’s always Awesome when I can connect with an idea in such a way that I feel like a big kid on the playground just having fun!“

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