• Tattoo: - Black and Gray
  • Style: - Realism, Portrait
  • Subject matter: - Clint Eastwood
  • Location: - Full Right Side
  • Sessions: - 3
  • Total time: - 19-20 hr.

This is the biggest single portrait I have done so far. It is 21 inches in height and just over a foot in with. It was an honor to do this tattoo on Patrick who happens to be a fellow tattoo artist and a big movie buff just like myself. His Clint Eastwood is from the movie grand to Reno and it’s the part where he says “ Stay off my Lawn.“


Patrick’s concept is one of moods to represent different sides of himself and he is going to have several different artist do certain pieces for this whole project I was fortunate enough to be picked to do the Clinton Eastwood on his right side and I’m going to be doing Johnny Cash holding up his middle finger on his left side. He has hand-picked several other artist to work on his back and frontal. This was a very challenging project. The particulars of this project being difficult has a lot to do with where it is on the body. Due to the amount of stretch and bend and loss and gaining of weight makes this particular area very difficult for this size of a tattoo and the overall perception of the tattoo no matter what position Patrick may be showing his tattoo in. Thank you Patrick for picking me to be a part of your project.

“It is was an honor and humbling experience to be commissioned by a fellow tattoo artist. I truly cannot express how gratifying this project has been for me.“

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