• Tattoo: - Color
  • Style: - Surrealism
  • Subject Matter: - Oriental Dragon, Geisha, Koi Fish
  • Location: - Right Arm sleeve
  • Sessions: - 7
  • Total time: - 48-50 hr.

After doing a cover-up tattoo for Joels wife he decided he wanted to do a full oriental sleeve with me. Awesome Ness. We start going over the idea and the concept he wants to get done. he had a solid reference for the geisha so I use this and changed it up a little bit. Then he wanted to koi fish swimming upstream and a dragon. Them he gave me artistic freedom from then on. So I freehanded both of the koi fish rolling upstream in water with falling cherry blossoms. Then I sketched out the dragon on paper and free handed the rest of the background.


Over the course of the tattoo we became friends and that’s always a bonus. Now we are talking about and conceptualizing Joel’s left arm. I ended up hiring Joel to do some video work for me. He helped me make my testimonial video and did all of the editing. Personally, I think it came out great! Check it out let me know what you think.

“It’s always a pleasure when my client has enough faith to give me artistic freedom and doesn’t try to keep me in a box. Mainly because after the consultation is all said and done. It’s my time to sit down and create your concept. Sometimes during this process I see things that’ll work better, or flow better, or I would like to change certain things for the way it might sit on your body or flow with your body for the placement. When I have artistic freedom I can just make any and all adjustments I deem necessary for the overall visual feel and placement of your tattoo. When I have that freedom it usually goes over great and will have little to no changes.“

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