• Tattoo: - Color, Cover-Up of a Cover-Up
  • Style: - Surrealism, Themed Concept
  • Subject Matter: - Female masquerade, Feathers, Clock, Time, Hand, Skull, Raven, Red Curtain, Smoke, Poem, 2 Polaroid Pictures
  • Location: - Full Back, Butt, and Sides
  • Sessions: - 19
  • Total time: - 133-135

Chelsea contacted me for two reasons about this project. First one being she loved the half a backpiece I did on her roommate and secondly is that I also specialize in cover-ups. When it comes to cover-ups I’m one of the few guys too come to when everybody else tells you it cannot be done.


Chelsea came into her consultation with her own sketch and concepts written down on a piece of paper. The entire concept is based off in Edgar Allan Poe Poem (The Raven). with a couple of little meaningful add ins on her part. like the too mini scenes in Polaroids falling on the side of the curtain. I met with Chelsea again a few weeks later with my drawing ready to show her. I had it hanging up on my wall when she walked in and look straight at it and sat down in my chair and just started bawling. Once it’s settled in she looked at me and said I love it! I can’t believe you got this from my shitty little sketch and I smiled and said thank you very much I guess I hit the nail on the head. Then I proceeded to give her a hug and we set out on the journey that is now before you. We started out with all of the outline and then got into texturing over parts of the cover up so I can start getting highs and lows for my contrast and slowly brought everything together over the last 3 years.

We still have one small section to finish before it’s all said and done. The last time I saw Chelsea was at a convention where we were fortunate enough to pick up 1st place for best large color and 2nd place for Best Backpiece. Hoping to get this finished sometime soon but Chelsea is in the military and gets pulled all around the world.

“This kind of project requires an extremely serious commitment on both of our parts and it takes a lot of trust and communication back-and-forth to understand the thought process and all of the cause-and-effect that go on in creating a cover-up of this magnitude without any complications. Because everybody wants it done now rather than tomorrow.“

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