• Tattoo: - Color, Multiple Cover Ups
  • Style: - Surrealism & Realism, Themed Scenes
  • Subject Matter: - Outer Space, Multiple Planets, Meteors, Gases, Nebula, Black Hole
  • Location: - Left & Right Arm Sleeves
  • Sessions: - 7
  • Total time: - 118-120 hr.

Jared is a college professor at a local university and is an avid Star Trek fan among other things. He saw me on Ink Master redemption season 1 episode 1 where I have this crazy canvas that wanted me to cover up black tribal with a zombie face. From watching that show he realized I was a local artist and proceeded to set up a consultation with me. At the time I was in San Diego. I have since moved to Las Vegas where I currently have a private studio.


He wanted space scenes on both arms but one arm to be in a surrealism form with a really bright and vibrant feel and on the other arm he wanted more of a realistic space scene like we all grew up with in our textbooks. Jared had a few small tattoos on both of his arms. Mostly all small little symbol type tattoos that he wanted to cover up during The process of creating both of his arm sleeves. These were all really simple straightforward cover ups. Jared was very specific about certain elements that he wanted in his arm sleeves but gave me overall freedom on how everything comes together. We started with the surrealism bright color side that was completely free handed start to finish. After completing the first sleeve we took a short break before picking it back up to start the realistic sleeve. All of the planets on this arm we’re done like portrait of the planets from textbook pictures. Then I got into doing all of the background and did one big section of gas into a black hole with mostly pointillism structure which is one of my personal favorite parts of this sleeve.

This project was accomplished roughly over A two year period.

“I absolutely love taking on big projects like these where I can sit down get my creative flow and just get into the project for hours and hours at one time. Truly love getting myself immersed in the whole creative process.“

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