• Tattoo: - Black and Gray
  • Style: - Realism
  • Subject Matter: - Animal Portrait
  • Location: - Left Forearm
  • Sessions: - 1
  • Total time: - 5-6 hr.

Dan has wanted to get his first tattoo for an extremely long time but was reluctant to pull the trigger. Now that he is retired and less worried about someone else’s perception of oneself. He came in wanting to get tattooed but needing a lot of questions answered and reassurance about about the overall process and of overall cleanliness during the process of getting tattooed.


I explained to him that getting your first tattoo is the hardest one to get not only because of the commitment factor but the concern of handling the pain. As far as the pain goes it’s not that bad or people wouldn’t look like me. Lol. Some places hurt more than others. Where are you thinking about getting tattooed and he replied I’m thinking about my left forearm for my first tattoo. Awesome that’s really not too bad of a place to get tattooed. It’s a little more tender towards the wrist and towards the center of the ditch at the joint of the arm. On a scale of 1 to 10 and 10 being the most pain. I would say this area is between 3 and 5 depending on which part of that area that I’m tattooing. I go on to say, In my experience the people that are the most worked up about the pain end up sitting there the easiest because they were overly worked up about it and the ones that think it’s going to be easy sit there and squirm and bitch because they weren’t prepared for what was coming in the first place. He laughed and said OK great.

I take every tattoo as a one on one basis so you get the best experience possible during your tattoo process. While you get tattooed he will have the options just relaxing, your choice of music, or your choice of movie to entertain yourself during the application process of your tattoo. You should eat really well before you get tattooed too bring up your energy levels and it’s a good idea to have liquids and sugars with you during the process. The tattoo itself will feel Sharp and a bit of a burning sensation. The beginning and the end of the tattoo process will be the worst part of the pain factor of getting the tattoo. It will take about 20 minutes for your endorphins and adrenaline to kick in and at that point it becomes much more tolerable to take and usually allows you to relax at this point. The beginning and the end of any tattoo will always be the worst part of the pain. When I prepare to do your tattoo you were watch me set everything up and see that everything is brand new and thrown away in a biohazard trash when we are done. Everything will be wrapped up so there is no cross-contamination of any kind. Everything I use that will be breaking skin is a one time use only. Everything else will be cleaned with an industrial grade germicide Per OSHA and state requirements. Please feel free to ask me any questions about anything at anytime about anything during the process of your tattoo. There’s never a bad question when it comes to knowledge. I am extremely knowledgeable about all the ins and outs concerning The tattoo process.

Now that we’ve gone through the ins and outs of getting tattooed. What is it you we’re thinking about getting tattooed? He tells me that he was a dog trainer for the police department of many years and he would like to get a portrait of his own Shepard on his foursome That had recently passed away. I’m really sorry to hear that. I’m a huge dog lover myself and have a portrait of my dog that passed away last year on my foot. Eventually I’m going to put my other dogs portrait on my other foot so I can kick my feet out and say my dogs are tired. He said he loved the concept.

Then he said, I think I would like to get the portrait of my dog done. What is the next steps? Great I’d like to see the picture that you would like to represent then go over the size so I can give you a price estimate. The picture he gave me was not quite the best but completely workable. He wanted it done in black and gray and I suggested we do the portrait a bit bigger than he originally wanted so we could really get the features and the overall feel of his dog. We went back-and-forth with cut outs from the copier so he could see the size in the mirror on his arm. We agreed on the overall size that would allow me to depict the best representation of his dog and all of the dark features of his dog for his portrait tattoo. Then we went over the pricing and I took the deposit to set the time and date to do the tattoo.

When he came in for his appointment he was so energized and excited. It’s truly an honor when I get to do something for someone that is so meaningful and the entire process was great for me as well. His overall energy was just uplifting and great. By time I was done with his dog portrait and he got to look at it in the mirror he was ecstatic. He literally got tears in his eyes and proceeded to give me a hug. Then we went over the entire care process on how to clean it and take care of it and the fact that cold is his best friend and heat is his enemy during the next 3 to 4 days. That it’s pretty much going to act like a sunburn while healing and feel like a bruise for the next few days. The next day not only did I get a 5 Star Google Review from Dan but I also got a 5 Star yelp review with pictures from Dan. Thank you sir it was my pleasure to be your first tattoo experience and I hope to work with you again in the future.

“ It is my mission to give everyone the individual attention that we all want and deserves. That in part is why I now work for myself in a private studio. To give each and everybody attention they deserve while being more than competitive on The overall quality and pricing of my tattoo work. “

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