• Tattoo: - Black and Gray
  • Style: - Realism, Themed Seen
  • Subject Matter: - Map, Clock, Astrological, Magnifying Glass, Lighthouse, Street Sign
  • Location: - Right Arm, Three-Quarter Sleeve
  • Sessions: - 6
  • Total time: - 23-25 hr.

Matt was referred to me by a previous client and he came to me with one hell of a story and idea for a themed based tattoo. It’s not every day somebody comes to me with a story so meaningful that it actually pulled on my own heartstrings. Three years or so prior Matt was moving to Southern California when he had a horrific accident that completely changed his life. He was lucky to be alive and was told he would never walk again. After three years of rehabilitation and seriously positive attitude and strong will he was able to overcome a lot of his disability through therapy and straight up will power. He is still overcoming physical disabilities but is walking strong and living life with no outside help.


After telling me his story and how he wants to incorporate it into a tattoo but he wasn’t sure how to incorporate the concepts into a visual form. After talking to great lengths back-and-forth. This was the concept we came up with together. We started with the clock with the exact time of his accident. Then we did the astrological compass that represents nothing is permanently written in the stars. Everything and anything is changeable with the right personal actions, upon the right mindset. Next we did the magnifying glass, zoomed in on the exact place his accident happened on the map. Then we completed the outer part of the map and added the coordinates of that same location. Then we did the next section of scene with the street sign San Diego into California with the water and lighthouse as the background. This represents the end destination that he did not make it to that day but ultimately still got there. We did this portion at a tattoo convention. We were fortunate enough to pick up second place for Tattoo of the Day and third place for Best Black and Gray sleeve. I was truly more happy for him that day then I was for myself receiving the award. Seeing him light up like a little kid the day before Christmas over the fact he now has an Award-Winning Tattoo really touched my soul.

“sometimes in life we are truly blessed by having someone come into our life’s that is able to inspire you in such a way that touches your soul and reminds you that life itself is a true blessing. From the bottom my heart I thank you for the inspiration that you personally gave me during the course of this project it was a true honor to do this tattoo for you.“

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