• Tattoo: - Color, Cover Up
  • Style: - Realistic
  • Subject Matter: - Navy Ship, Destroyer
  • Location: - Left arm, half sleeve
  • Sessions: - 4
  • Total time: - 23-25 hr.

George was looking for someone to cover up a very old old English tattoo on his left forearm. After talking to a few different artist and being told it couldn’t be done that he should think about getting laser treatment and then trying to cover it up. He stayed persistent and kept asking around and somebody referred him to me. so before contacting me he did his do diligence and researched me. He found out that I specialize in coverups and that I was on Ink Masters season 5. More importantly that I was on their spinoff show Ink Master Redemption doing a cover up on TV. Where I told the world. When it comes to cover up tattoos I’m the guy to come to when everybody else tells you No.


Cover up tattoos are extremely difficult and vastly different from client to client in what is required to make it go away well enough that nobody ever knows it was there in the first place. In George’s case it required a number of tricks. Not only is his tattoo solid black but it was heavily put in an over saturated to the point where the skin is still raised in parts of this tattoo has deep tissue scarring left behind from the original tattoo artists application. His original old English tattoo is approximately 20 years old at this point in time and one of the positive things about covering it up. The amount of time will have allowed a lot of dissipation of the ink in the skin and allowing me more room to get in it, through it, and underneath it.

When you don’t want the big dark cover up and you want something nice over your existing tattoo that you want to cover up, then you only have 2 other options. Laser treatments or getting into an extreme tattoo cover-up. When it comes to extreme transformation coverups like this one. The first session with this tattoo I am going to pump as much white ink into The old tattoo as his skin pockets will allow me to put in without scarring it anymore than it already is. I do this to knock that black down to a 70% gray tone and at this point I can start working the contrast up and down to visually take away from the existing tattoo that I am covering up to start bringing out the new tattoo as I start working the contrast of the new tattoo. It is best that the new tattoo covering the existing tattoo has a lot of contrast or is really detailed in a way that you can shade it with enough contrast to visually take out the old tattoo. This kind of cover up will require a minimum of three sessions or more depending on the cover up. First session being nothing but white. The second session would be the overall actual tattoo. The third session would be the final layering of the tattoo to make sure the cover-up is completely hidden. A minimum of 1 too 2 months in between each sessions. You need this much time in between your sessions not just for the healing factor but for your natural oils in your skin to replenish itself to keep your skin from scaring during the process of covering up.

Now it’s time to start the structure of the Navy ship, Destroyer and the process of making the old english tattoo go away. My plan for this cover up is to hide it in the dark black lines of the masked with all the antenna components and within the textures of the water surrounding it and using some of the shadow side of the ship to say goodbye to the pre-existing old English tattoo. It was an honor to do this cover up for George. He spent a large portion of his life serving our country on this very ship. Thank you for your service. I for one truly appreciate it.

“ It means just as much to me as it does to you. When I can do that kind of a transformation for someone and help with a New sense of self, new direction, new beginning, or just new possibilities for someone’s future because not all decisions were the right ones to begin with. “

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