• Tattoo: - Black and Gray
  • Style: - Realism, Portraits
  • Subject matter: - Kurt Cobain, Dean Martin, Marlon Brando, Lucille Ball, Gene Wilder, Willie Nelson, and Robert DeNiro
  • Location:- Left Leg Sleeve
  • Sessions: - 7
  • Total time: -35-38 hr.

Alison wanted to do a black and gray portrait based leg sleeve of actors and musicians that she grew up with and influenced her over the years. The first portrait we did was of Kurt Cobain. She was heavily influenced by his music and he has a striking resemblance to her father... as I’m sure with all of us there is always a more personal issues to the story especially when it comes to immortalizing it as a tattoo. The next portrait I did was Dean Martin. Followed up by Marlon Brando from The Godfather.


I did the Marlon Brando Portrait at the Hasta La Muerte tattoo convention in Imperial Valley California in 2012. I was fortunate enough to receive my very first Award on this tattoo for Best Tattoo of the Day. We were both very honored and it was definitely an emotional day that will never be forgotten for either of us. Then A few months later we did Lucille Ball as a teenager when she was a pinup. Then came Willy Wonka (Gene wilder) that we did at the same convention the next year 2013 and picked up three awards including Tattoo of the Day, Best Black and Gray Portrait, and Tattoo of the Show. it truly was an incredible weekend.

Over the next two years we did a Portrait of Willie Nelson smoking a joint and then The following year we did Harvey Keitel. we still have a few more portraits to go over the next few years. We are still planning a few more portraits over the next couple of years. Currently we have 7 different Awards over several years and several different tattoo conventions.

I am truly honored and thankful that Alison not only picked me to do such a meaningful tattoo for her but also that she has taken the time to travel and come to so many tattoo conventions and tell her story and show her work on my behalf.

“I truly cannot express how much it means to me when I am not only honored with doing something extraordinary for client but when that client honors me by taking their time over three long days to show their work at a convention for me. From the bottom of my heart I think each and everyone of you that have taking the time for me over the years!“

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