• Tattoo: - Color, Cover Up
  • Style: - Realistic
  • Subject Matter: - Dog, Cat, Underwater
  • Location: - Right, Upper Quarter, Leg Sleeve
  • Sessions: - 5
  • Total time: - 25-27 hr.

Joey is now a good friend of mine that I’ve known for many years. he is heavily tattooed by various artists with somewhere around 80% body coverage. He’s a real genuine guy that goes out of his way to help anyone of his friends in anyway he can with whenever he can. We got to know each other through his job where he runs a part of a detail service and if you know me you know I keep my vehicle very clean. Over the next five years or so we became pretty good friends.


Over all this time of us getting to know each other talking about tattoos and him hooking me up on my detailings he never once asked for a favor, a deal, a discount, or anything. This really meant a lot to me because too many people are always trying to angle me with false pretenses for a deal but not Joey. I know he likes my work and I know he wants to get tattooed but just isn’t in the position to get tattooed. I asked him if you had me do something for you, What is it you would like me to do for you? He pulls the side of his shirt up to show me a poorly done portrait of his mother that he would love for me to fix and make right. I told him if you really want it done right let me do it fresh somewhere else and will cover that one some other time. He said he would love to do that but he’s not in the position to afford it right now. I said I didn’t ask if you could afford it and I’m not asking you to pay for it. I honestly want to do it for you not just because you’re my friend but because of the kind of person you are as my friend in my life. A couple weeks later I did a proper black and gray portrait of his mom behind his knee and read did the writing that went with it.

A year later I asked Joey if he’d be into doing a WOW factor tattoo with the last big space of skin he has left. Fuck yeah he says with an extreme amount of excitement. So we begin discussing ideas and he really wanted to do something related to his dog. He’s a big fan of Seth Casteel photography work of the underwater dogs and the one we ended up using looks very similar to Joey’s dog. I’m really digging the idea and it’s definitely a dramatic picture but it needs to be a little bit more in Length so what do you think about adding a cat screaming under water underneath the dog diving in? He said perfect. My mom was always a cat lover and I was always the dog lover. So I did some reference and made up the cat screaming underwater and we began to get the tattoo underway. he was a little reluctant at first because of the amount of time involved in that I wasn’t charging him. I said I’m doing it because I want to do it and I would love it if you come show it off at some conventions for me when you can. We recently finished getting this one done late in 2018 and we will be heading out to a couple of conventions to show he’s new tattoo very soon.

“ I know it’s not cheap to get tattooed especially if you want something of significance done right and done well. But for me it’s not always about money and I do my best to always do my best for all of you at a fair price. “

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